As the saying goes Hard Work Pays. It’s true for instance J.M. KARIUKI MEMORIAL SECONDARY SCHOOL has a meriet of activities. The school has various Clubs and Writers and writers club is the home of Music and Drama. Here artist are made or rather matured.
    In 2014 music competition we reached National level which was held in Mombasa. It was a choral verse that made it possible for us to enjoy the Breeze of Mombasa at National Music Festivals.
   In 2015 we reached Regional with instrumental classes that is class 935J, 938J,939J and 940J.In all these we attained position 1 in District and County levels.
    The County Music Festivals were held at Utumishi Academy in Gilgil. At
Regional level we attained Position 4 in class 938J, and position 6 in 940J.
   2016 is the year of Grace for us as J.M. Kariuki Secondary School. We start from the District level getting position 1 in all the seven classes; 935J, 936J, 937J, 938J, 939J, 940J and 941J.
At the county level we managed to take four classes to Regional that is class 935J, 938J, and 940J all Position 1 and 941J position 2.
At the Regional we got three items to Nationals that is class 935J position 3 and 938J position 1 and 941J which was also position one.
          We as writers club of J.M.Kariuki thank God almighty for his favour and grace . We whole heartedly thank the Principal Madam Veronica Maina for her support, guidance and Willingness for the club. May Almighty God bless her. We also thank the Deputy Principal and the entire teaching staff and non teaching of J.M for their moral support. God Bless writers club, God Bless J.M Kariuki Memorial Secondary School.

The History of the School


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